2010 Review In Photos

Las Vegas Strip View

So, I haven't blogged since September 21, which is terrible. But, in my defense, quite a bit has happened. I got offered a job in Boston, and have left Las Vegas. Right now I'm living in an apartment on Commonwealth Avenue in Back Bay. I am now working for the First Church of Christ, Scientist. More about that later!

What brought me back to the blog was my annual 2010 Review in Photos—my favorite blog post of the year. I chronicle my life and show off my favorite photos from the past year. This year, I had a hard time narrowing it down, since so many things happened, so I have a total of 89 photos, including the one above. I am breaking them down by month this time.


Suzanne at Springs Preserve

David, Me at Springs Preserve, Jan 2010

Me with Drinks

Large Chocolate Flowers, Aria


Me & David

David & Amy

Me at South Mountain with Saguaros


Me & David at Guido Party


Me & David, Mustache Party

Beave & Rusty, Mustache Party


Heidi & Vincent with Murphy

David & Baby Eddie

Henry Two


David, Jorge & Greg at Dino's

Greg & Jessica at Dinos'

Justin Sings at Dino's

Sarah & Allison at Dino's

David, Greg & Justin at Dino's

Cactus & Henry

Hillary & Me


Beave & Rusty at the Pride Parade

Lunch at Taco Yayo

David with Newcastle

Justin, Greg, Leah & David at Frankie's

David, at our First Anniversary Burger Meal at crEATe.
David and I's first anniversary!

Me, with Peanuts or Crackerjack in My Mouth

Hubble Gotchu!

Caitlin in Jail Bus

JUNE (none)

JULY (got a new camera..lots!)

Wild Ginger Lane

Hot Dog Heaven in Henderson, Nevada

David with CDs

Vegas Sign

Zombies at NY NY

Excalibur Hotel, Las Vegas

Super Mario Cupcakes

The Gang at Frankie's Tiki Room

Henry Head Swivel Left



Davey's Tie-tie, Justin's Not


Sarah Sparkler

David Sparkler

Taylor, Darren, Tisha, Blake

Darren, Me, Suzanne

Josh, with Knife

Loaded Questions with Family & Friends


Hello! From San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

Seal Statue and View of San Francisco From Sausalito

Sea Lions at Pier 39

Mikkel and Pig at the Tea Farm

Me in the Airstream on the Tea Farm. Photo by Mikkel Elbech

Rusty & Bobbie

Shock & Bobbie

Rusty & Elvis at Caprimony

Peppermill Las Vegas


David Shaves His Beard

David Shaves His Beard

David Shaves His Beard

David Makes Out With Piñata

David Assembling the Thingamagoop 2


Me, Shaggy 2 Dope

David is Pretty

Joshua Trees in Arizona

Hoover Dam At Night


Henry at Red Rock Canyon


David and Me at the Fireside Lounge, Peppermill

Me, Allison & Rufust at the Fireside Lounge, Peppermill

The Cosmopolitan

My Arch Nemesis, Robin Leach

Pearly, Allison & Marisol at Marquee, The Cosmopolitan

North Pole Tacos, Robertos

Frankie's Tiki Room

Lava Letch at Frankie's Tiki Room

David Loves Whiskey


Me with Bailey & Blazer

Tisha & Bailey

Rosie & Taylor

Ryan with Beard Scarf, at the Center of the Universe, Tulsa

Me, Mom
Mom has the best face ever here!

Vinessa with little Abby

New Year's Eve Day, 2010 at The Public Gardens in Boston

That's it! What a fun year!

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